About Us

 Since 1996 Design Right Induction, of Chesterfield Michigan, has been making durable and attractive induction tooling products. 

 In July 2019 Design Right joined Induction Heat Treating Corp., of Crystal Lake Illinois, to build upon the legacy that founder Dave Ambrozy created. This integration boosts the capabilities of both organizations. IHT gains CNC quality machined products and Design Right becomes more diverse and experienced in the field of induction heating, gaining seven decades of hands on experience. 

 Our mission is to keep your product lines running.  We understand what downtime costs us. Design Right Induction offers practical solutions and real-world advice based on experience. We will stand behind our products and we are unafraid to tell you what you need to hear even if it means losing the sale.

 We understand the stresses that inductors are subjected to, where weaknesses exist, and how to correct points of failure. We understand the principles of correctly quenching different grades of steel and have knowledge in minimizing distortion.

 Design Right now possesses the ability to validate coil development with IHT’s in house array of induction heaters. With twenty-three power supplies ranging in frequencies of 1 – 450 kHz we can test the coils we make so that you don’t waste time at your facility.

 Whether you need repair, replacement, or new coil design, Design Right Induction will never take a shortcut with your tooling.